Include Digital Assets in Your Estate Plan

Apr 13, 2011  /  By: Geoffrey H. Garrett, Estate Planning Attorney  /  Category: Digital Assets

When planning for the future, you will need to decide how your assets will be handled after your death.  Many people do not think to include their digital assets in their estate plan.  What would you want done with your social media profiles and online pictures after your death?  The good news is you are able to incorporate your digital assets into your estate plan.

You will need to think about whether you want these profiles to be accessible after your death.  If you choose to, your accounts can serve as a way for your family and friends to share thoughts and feelings as well as remember special times.  You may decide that you do not want these accounts to remain active.

When thinking about the future of your digital assets, remember the following:

  • Express your wishes with your loved ones.  This will give your loved ones a better understanding of how you would like your digital assets to be handled after your death.  This will also ensure that your wishes are respected.
  • Store a list of important social media and other online account usernames and passwords with your estate planning documents.  This will allow your loved ones to have access to these accounts.


Are you looking for a way to tell your family members that you love and care for them?  Consider sharing your thoughts and feelings with your loved ones after your death.  The service If I Die is a tool that allows you to record a video message or compose a written message that will be posted to your Facebook wall after your death.

You will choose trustees who will be responsible for confirming your death.  After your death is confirmed, your message will be posted on your wall to share with your friends and family.  This can be a great way to leave a lasting memory. A love letter, of sorts.

If you have questions about protecting your digital assets or estate planning in general, consult with a qualified estate planning attorney.

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